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TV viewers and advertisers have come to expect near-perfect quality in terms of availability. A 10-second drop-out during prime time is considered a major failure.

When introducing new television distribution technologies such as digital terrestrial television (DTT) or IP Television over xDSL/fibre, the TV viewer will compare the new service to the old and automatically expect the new service to match or exceed the old in terms of picture quality and availability. If this is not the case – either due to technical difficulties or human error – the new service will quickly be perceived as being problematic and unreliable. Restoring the reputation of the service is both a time consuming and costly process involving the combating of non-linear factors such as negative press coverage, neighbours talking and rumours in general.

The best way to avoid this negative spiral is to actively manage the service quality in the network. This implies a need for continuous monitoring so that potential problems can be detected and corrected as fast as possible.

BRIDGETECHs main focus is the area between the video and networking sphere, acting as a facilitator between the two.

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