Pioneering IPTV and OTT Solutions Globally

Revolutionizing Entertainment with Advanced IPTV Services

At ITSthe1, we are at the forefront of transforming how entertainment and TV content are delivered and experienced. 

Specialising in IPTV & OTT solutions, we leverage cutting-edge IP technology to stream Linear TV and video content through robust networks. Our innovative approach has established us as leaders in the IPTV industry, reshaping the landscape of digital entertainment consumption, per it for Telecom Operators, Hotels, Hospitals, Residential Complexes, Cruise Ships or VVIP Residences.

Global Expertise, Local Solutions – Dubai, London, Colombo

Based in Dubai (UAE), London (UK), and Colombo (Sri Lanka), ITSthe1 is uniquely positioned to offer tailored IPTV services and solutions through strategic global partnerships. Our international presence allows us to understand and meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring high-quality, region-specific IPTV solutions.

Versatile IPTV and OTT Services for Every Need

Our expertise in IPTV and OTT solutions caters to a wide range of sectors – from Telecom and Cable operators to Hospitality, Healthcare, Maritime, Residential complexes, and Educational institutions. Whether you are a telecom company, a luxury hotel, a state-of-the-art hospital, a cruise liner, a sprawling residential compound, or an educational university, ITSthe1 has the perfect IPTV solution tailored to your specific needs.

End-to-End Custom IPTV Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive, end-to-end IPTV services. From designing the IPTV headend to implementing user-friendly Middleware and seamless end-client interfaces for external STBs or built-in TV STBs, our turn-key solutions are crafted to fit your unique requirements. Our services extend to customising user interfaces for Telcos, Hotels, or Hospitals and integrating advanced casting solutions for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments. 

With ITSthe1, experience a seamless fusion of technology and entertainment, tailored just for you.

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